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Trap Cakes is a "Avant-Garde Hood Dream Scape​", A 27 minute film created with, for and in the community. Working with the century old Urban League of Essex County Benedict designed a film making program that trained community youth with juvenille records in the production aspects of film making. These students now own equity in a film that was designed to serve as the groundwork for a log running intellectual property created specifically for the Hadley Broadcasting Companies startup outdoor distribution via street projection method.


Highly visual and kinetic in nature Trap Cakes is intented to be a culture creator. A visually arresting motion picture that features community members juxtaposed with cutting edge distribution based in the underserved location that the film was created in. 

All NFT works are available here on



Trap Cakes

Non Fungible Token

27 Min Film | Audio not included  

Trap Cakes Khalif facial rec tech 

Trap Cakes Song & Simah Cadillac Poster

Trap Cakes Pray poster


Vision Board

Musings 1


Trap Cakes Khalif

eclipse poster

Trap Cakes Khalif fair

Song as muse

Flight Durango strong vintage with physical counterpart hand painted Blessed Boots

Simah as muse

Runway premonition super boots

A Metaphor for moving through obstacles with vision

Lamont and Khalif

General telekenetic diagram or how to place your ideas out of your mind

Trap Cakes Neg Pos

Post Trap A.R  Main wall 


Post Trap A.R  Main wall Side View

Catching the Spirit in the hawk

Bariel Dean Summer-Simah

Apparell Local

Non Fungible Token with Physical set of 13 organic cotton t-shirts

Vision Board


American Commerce Altitude

Non Fungible Token with physical counterpart USA Flag

60.96 cm x 81.28 cm

and hand made denim

Cosmic notes digital delivery

Bariel Dean Period Piece 

Non Fungible Token with physical 

Counterpart , Toole & Satin Dress


Deep Vision, God's artifacts

Simah 2021

vision mission 

Together, Now

Groanings of a Post Trap spirit

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