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"God told me to move to Newark" everyone else said "don't do it" regardless I feel I made the right move. 

Though I have cannot fully grasp the breadth of my work or experience in the city yet, I know that I have matured and healed here. 

It has been a difficult journey but I was always felt kept, loved and respected. I thank these individuals for sharing their spirit, time, knowledge and resources with me.

They have made me a better person.

I apologize if I've missed anyone.

May God Bless this City.




Actor & Artist 

Dwayne Alistair

Fashion Designer and Actress Letisha "Queen"McFarlane for Bariel Dean 

Dr. Kaia Niambi Shivers

Founder/ Editor-in-Chieftess Ark Republic

Artist German Pitre

Symiya Cooper

Stylist Judith Langford

Designer Marco Hall

The Harrington Family

Cheryl Howard & The Urban Leauge of Essex County

Heru Maahket Neb Shakara & the Brothers of the New Ark Fellowship

Universal Sewer and Drain

David Hammons

Caroline Biden


Dr. John Zeisel 

Stephanie Burks 


The Cronin - Kinczel Family 


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